Wednesday, April 13, 2011

happy birthday to you... :)

happy birthday sweet girl from tikam batu!

well, you're already 22 aren't you? so how does it feel? feel much more like an adult now? haha i bet you feel that way...
well well well, someone's gonna get a driver's license soon,,congratz! though you do not even start the test yet..hehe...but i know surely you will pass the test... don't worry k?
you know what? on this special day, someone's been missing you.. i dunno who,, but asked me to tell you this that he really cares bout you... well it's not me ok.. it's someone else... i'm juz a messenger... hahhaa
huh i woke up this morning juz to wish you happy birthday,..sorry for not wishing you at know that i need to sleep early to go to the mosque for subuh.. huhu. if only i live in malaysia, i could wish you happy birthday at 12 am sharp with a birthday song, and a birthday cake..hahaha

how are you doing in malaysia? i wanna go home... it's as i've been here for already a year without going back... i also heard that you're doing pretty well in cooking... haha nice! after this, i wanna taste one of your cooking... could you please cook steamboat for me? plzz?? haha i know you can.. but maybe it will take some time... :p

im sorry for not giving you any present this year... it's not that i don't wanna give any to you,, but it's because you DON'T WANT IT... haha.. but you demand a more expensive present when i come back to malaysia end of this year right? huh i know i know... you don't want the small2 present la,,you want a big2 one and expensive one...huh.. never's only once a year...i can get you that..i'll bring you one big kangarooo when i get back home...juz you wait!hahaha

check your inbox! i have some 'present' for you..PRAISE me later ok? hahaha.. i did it with all my heart and effort you know..well maybe remove the 'effort' part aside coz basically i juz thought of it..haha ..
never mind, long as it is a 'present'..haha..

i wonder, how should i put your picture here yea? well, i like rabbit right? here's one big rabbit for ya! hahaha :p

hehe..don't be angry! :p


p/s: train well in your car-drive training today...juz be cool and remember what i said last night...cheerz~ :)