Friday, July 15, 2011

Knowledge is Power

 Today I learnt something from the Friday prayer khutbah. The Imam has talked about knowledge and how knowledge can make us into powerful person in this Dunia. There was one time that Islam shine in the world during the empire of Khilafah Harun ar-Rasyid. So many Muslim scholars at that time were very knowledgeable and being posted as important person in the government.

You see, in our everyday life, there are knowledge everywhere. Even when we talk, or do something, it is actually a knowledge that we apply. There are no stupid person in this world, only one with many knowledge and one with less knowledge. It is not wise to think that we are clever enough to say anyone stupid or dumb. Actually we only have the knowledge that he/she don't have. Thus, it is wiser to assume that he/she might have or knows something that we don't know.

Sometimes, someone might ask us something even we don't have the knowledge about it. When it happens, we should not assume to know the answer and tell him. Instead, it is better to say that we don't know so that we will try to find the real answer and with that, we gain additional knowledge about it. If we assume and try to tell the answer which even we don't know about it, it will discourage us to continue searching the real answer thus we will not gain anything from it.

Alhamdulillah, from the khutbah, I have gain one more knowledge that improves my life. Insyaallah I will try to practice it and avoid giving false information to others when they ask me something. "I don't know" is better than "Oh, I know this. I think its like this, like that, bla, bla bla.". But don't just say "I don't know" for something you really knows about. Sharing is caring. We gain much more by giving to others. Cheers. :)